Monday, March 06, 2006

Day of Profound Coffee Making

I make the coffee in our house. The reason: I get up first. We don't have a coffee maker. I discovered that these tea bags worked nicely for making single cups. I put a kettle of water on the stove, and while it is heating, I get the cups and bags ready. Jae and I drink different coffee, so I know which cup is going to be hers and which cup is going to be mine. This morning I realized that I always pour the water in my cup first. Meaningless habit, or subtle sign of self-centeredness?

I titled this post, "Day of Profound Coffee Making," because my brother also posted about coffee making today.


matt dick said...

Sice coffee is such a happy part of my day/life, I have to ask further clarifying questions.

You take tea, open the bags and throw out the tea and put coffee in the bags? That seems strange and wasteful, so explain that process more fully, if you would.

Cool Hand Luke said...

Check out this picture. I stumbled across it. Apparently this Moscow-based design studio has a thing for their barcode brand and they make posters that pay an homage to it. I love this coffee based one.

Josh Gentry said...

Matt, I had a typo that prevented the "tea bags" from being a link. It's a link now. Follow it for the answer.

Luke, that's pretty funny.

Cool Hand Luke said...

This is a pretty standard and good single cup coffee solution from Melitta. I never would have thought to try the bags.

Matt Dick said...

That little one-cup coffee filter-holder when we visited Carolyn and Bill. It works beautifully and is certainly easy.

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