Thursday, March 30, 2006

Winter Cities, Book 2 of the Long Price Quartet

I posted before about Daniel's book, A Shadow In Summer, which is available now. Daniel sent me the word processor file of the manuscript for the next book, Winter Cities. I'm printing it out in batches like a serial and we are reading it for our bedtime story. How cool is that?

We've come across one great bit already. I'll give you some backround and a quote, but I'll leave out the character's name to avoid this being a spooler. There is a character that had great status as a priest/sorceror, but when the chips were down, blew it. At least in the eyes of his society and his order. The following quote is the result of him being summoned to speak to the head of his order, quite possibly the most powerful man on the planet, years after the failure.

There was no reason for the Dai-kvo to have called him back to repeat the indignities of the past.

There are always indignities of the future, the soft voice that had become his muse said from a corner of his mind. Never assume that you can survive the future because you've survived the past.

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