Monday, January 14, 2008

David and Jae Drummond: Controlling Watercolor Washes

In the news over at Value Added Paper.

The article, David and Jae Drummond: Controlling Watercolor Washes, appears in the March 2008 issue of American Artist.


JimII said...

Do you think they'll bother to look at the magazine?


On the other extreme, I just opened an electronically filed document, the contents of which I was fully aware, for the sole purpose of seeing my signature on a piece of paper in the public sphere. Not even really my ideas because the filing is pretty boilerplate.

Josh Gentry said...

Yes, they looked at it. Jae spent less time looking at it than I did, though. They don't take their own press very seriously. They are happy to get it, business wise, but aren't enamored of seeing the press themselves.

I'm more like you, Jim. Thus blog posts like, "They know me in Pakistan."

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