Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The camera and perceiving the world

I used to refuse to take a camera on hikes and backpacking trips. I thought it corrupted the experience, because instead of focusing on being there, you are concerned about what you could capture for some time in the nebulous future. Well, I've lightened up a little. It definitely changes the experience, along the lines of what I describe above, but now I think I'll choose between the two, sometimes with camera, sometimes without.

I've decided I can be thoughtful about the camera. I was having this debate with myself the first time I pulled out the 35 mm, which was when I was going on a hike. I was debating this issue with myself the whole time I was on that hike with the camera. One thing it did was help me understand what the camera can't capture, and that increased my appreciation of my own senses, and the richness of the world.

Also, in day to day life, when I'm less likely to be appreciating the beauty of the world, I find that I am now seeing all kinds of beauty where I overlooked it before. I woke up this morning and it had snowed. After a little groan over Winter not being over, I thought, I bet there are some great potential pictures out there. Going out and looking for those pictures caused me to see more than I would have otherwise.


JimII said...

I've taken the position that Pat and I have 1/25th the number of pictures of our children as other, so called "good," parents have because we are enjoying them in the moment.

Not because we are disorganized.

Josh said...

We've taken the preemptive position that we are raising our kid badly.

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