Monday, January 21, 2008

Lost weekend

Jae had proposed that as slightly delayed celebration of my birthday, monday be Josh Day. We'd do whatever I wanted to do all day, for that day off. I had planned a morning of having her pose for me to take pictures of her, and an afternoon of a lite hike. Wonderful plan. So of course I got sick.

Ug. The office has been a plague zone for months, and I'd avoided up till now. Achy, chills, shaking, and the damn cough that won't let you sleep. So instead of Josh Day, Jae has fed me drugs and kept me comfortable, while trying to keep as much distance as she can. I hope she doesn't get it.

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JimII said...

That's too bad.

I wonder how often Josh Day (the first Monday after Josh's birthday) would fall on MLK day?

Jim Day always falls on Jesus Day.

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