Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some success on film

Today I picked up the negatives and the contact sheet for my first roll of black-and-white film taken in my Yashica, and the first roll I've taken successfully with any manual 35 mm. A contact sheet is where you line up the strips of negatives on a sheet of photo paper and expose the negatives without enlargement. You end up with what you can think of as a sheet of thumbnails, with all your pictures printed the same size as they are on the negative.

I'm happy. Out of 21 pictures, at least 3 are worth printing, and a few others might be worth a try when we've got our own darkroom setup. Several others were technical experiments, and the results are interesting and educational. For example, I took 4 pictures of the same subject, a landscape grouping of a large rock and some decorative grass. I didn't take them because the subject was interesting. I took them to see what it would look like when I used 4 different shutter speed/fstop combinations. The differences in exposure and depth of field are significant. I have a little notebook where I'm recording the shutter speed and fstop for each picture, as well as any other factors that seem significant.

Another thing that I learned is that I can hold the camera steady enough for a clear picture down to a shutter speed of 60, but probably not slower than that.

I think I'll get a few of these printed professionally. I don't know when I might have them scanned in to share digitially. The rest will wait till we can do our own prints. I'm hoping by the end of the month.


Matt Dick said...

Very exciting. I'm thrilled for you, this is so much fun.

Josh Gentry said...

Thanks, Matt. It's fun we can talk about it.

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